Welcome to my sims treasure chest! It's not much, but at the very least it's a place to post pictures and chronicle time spent playing the game. Most of my sims are born in-game and I'm more than willing to put them up for download if anyone is interested.

The Rylans: A Sims Legacy

I'm back after a two-year hiatus! I finally have a lot of free time (well, until March when my first baby is due!!).
What better way to re-join the Sims community than with a legacy? This may or may not turn into an actual story as time goes on, so beware.
Please forgive my lack of CC. Working on it!

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I am alive! And still chipping away at my Megahood makeovers (I knew it would be overwhelming, but c'mon!).
Work is crazy this time of year and I've been on a six-day-a-week schedule for the past few weeks -- and will be for another two or three -- but the end is in sight! Then I will be much more active in the sims community. Hopefully I can squeeze in an update before work tomorrow. In any case, I did create a few townies for my legacy hood (if and when I ever get around to playing the actual legacy!)
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I haven't had much time for simming lately but I did manage to organize a meet and greet for (most of) my megahood's teenagers. Sorry in advance for the lack of captions, and for the fact that Photobucket made some of my pictures blurry. :(
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Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I originally wanted to post an update from Pleasantview, but my new Dell monitor had other ideas when it decided to randomly enter "power save mode" while I was playing the Broke household. Needless to say, once I'd started the computer again my motivation to re-enter the game was nil. So for now, some pictures of the Lorelei Walter's recent marriage to Philip Blake.

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