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It's high time for Quentin to find that special someone and settle down. I've always thought this mail lady was cute.

But since when do my sims ever care what I think?

I wouldn't look smug just yet, you ugly NPC hussy.

Meanwhile, Lorelei and Phil explore their relationship.

Thanks for playing!

She looks so conniving...

Their kids are doomed.


Phil is there to comfort her during this unexpected surprise.

Pregnancy hormones already at work!

NPC fiancee (who's name I don't even remember) has made herself quite at home.

I still hate her.

Seems like Lorelei is feeling better!

Or not...

Her mom came over to re-explain the birds and the bees. I don't think she realizes it's already too late for that.

In the end, Addison was excited at the prospect of being a grandmother.

She's such a drama queen!

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